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Iran exports 6.7m tons of oil products via southern port

Bandar Abbas, Director General of Ports and Maritime Organization of Hormuzgan announced that exports of oil products from Shahid Rajaee Port since the beginning of this current Iranian year (will end on March 21) to date, as 6.760144 million tons.

Allah Morad Afifipour said on Monday that this amount of oil products from the Persian Gulf port (oil section of the special port area) of Shahid Rajaee port has been loaded and exported.

He added, 'Since the beginning of the current year, 38,899 tons of petroleum products have been moved in this part of Shahid Rajaee port.'

Oil derivatives have been considered as Iran's highly-exported products in recent years, products that are extracted from the process of producing crude oil also have many customers in the world.

The Persian Gulf port has 9 waterfront posts and 2 service pier ports, with a capacity of 7,5 m and a capacity of docking of 10,000 ton-ship.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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