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Iran exports aquatic products shipment to Thailand from Chabahar port

– The first ship carrying Iran’s aquatic products left southeastern Iranian port of Chabahar for Thailand for the first time, a senior provincial official said on Thursday.

Director-General of Ports and Maritime Organization of the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan Behrooz Aqaei made the remarks while speaking to IRNA.

This was Iran’s first cargo ship of non-edible fishes which left Chabahar for the largest Indian commercial port of Mundra to trans-ship its goods to Bangkok Port, Thailand,  as its final destination, the official said.

Also, Afghanistan has sent its cargo ship carrying different products, including dried fruits, to China and India through the Iranian strategic port of Chabahar and Shahid Beheshti Port as well, Aqaei added.

As the official said, the ship carrying Afghan goods has been the fourth which departed for India, China, and Thailand via Chabahar Port during the past month.

The departure took place based on the 2016 trilateral agreement between Tehran, Kabul and New Delhi.



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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