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Iran favors any improvement in Syria’s relations with Arab countries: Ambassador

Tehran, IRNA – Iranian Ambassador in Damascus Mehdi Sobhani said that Iran looks positively to the recent improvements in relations between the Arab countries and Syria.

In an exclusive interview with Syria’s Al-Watan daily, the ambassador said that such relations would benefit the interests of the Syrian government and nation.

Noting that Iran welcomes any improvement in Syria foreign policy, Sobhani said Iran will be happy that Syria moves towards a relationship that alleviates its pains and sufferings and paves the way for its prosperity and growth.

Underlining Syria’s special place in Iran foreign policy, he said that the two countries are well aware of the intentions of each other and this draws a bright future in bilateral relations which cannot be damaged by anyone.

Sobhani said that Iran will continue with its efforts to expand economic relations with Syria and to help the country to meet its needs for electricity, fuel, and basic goods.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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