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Iran, Finland stress cooperation on geological sciences

Heads of geological agencies of Iran and Denmark, in a virtual meeting on Wednesday, underlined the need for bilateral cooperation on geological and mine sciences.

The meeting was also attended by Iran’s ambassador to Finland Forouzandeh Vadiati.

Alireza Shahidi, the head of the Iranian agency and the deputy minister of industry, mine and trade, said that Iran is grappling with various problems such as providing the water needed for drinking and agriculture.

He also referred to drought, flash floods, landslides and dust storms as other problems the country is facing.

Shahidi expressed hope that Iran will be able to go through these problems via scientific cooperation both regionally and internationally.

The Iranian ambassador, for her part, expressed happiness to be present in the meeting.

Vadiati said that Iran seeks to promote bilateral cooperation with Finland in all areas.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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