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Iran Foreign Ministry summons Swedish ambassador

Tehran, The Swedish ambassador to Iran was summoned by the Foreign Ministry director general for consular affairs Monday in protest at Stockholm's unusual measure to grant nationality of that country to Ahmad Reza Jalali who has been condemned on security charges.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said the Swedish envoy was informed of the strong protest of the government of the Islamic Republic against the Swedish government's act of granting nationality to a person who has confessed to spying for the Zionist regime's intelligence service Mossad and complicity in assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

The Swedish envoy was also informed that according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran the second nationality granted to Jalali is not acceptable and he continues to be regarded as an Iranian national. Therefore, Iran considers the Swedish government's act as 'unusual', 'questionable' and 'unfriendly', Qasemi said.

He reiterated that other countries are not entitled under any circumstances to interfere in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The spokesman said that in no country a convict in custody who has confessed to murdering is granted a dual nationality, describing the Swedish government's recent act as 'very weird' and 'unprincipled'.

The Swedish envoy promised to convey all afore-mentioned points to the government and relevant officials of his country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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