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Iran, Georgia stress developing scientific ties | Iran News Gazette
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Iran, Georgia stress developing scientific ties

Baku, Iranian and Georgian officials in a meeting emphasized promoting scientific and educational relations.

The 7th students' conference was held with the attendance of Iran ambassador to Georgia Javad Ghavam Shahidi and Iranian cultural attache Hamid Mostafavi in Tbilisi and a group of students in Caucasus University.

Addressing the meeting, Shahidi said thanks to Iran vicinity to southern Caucasus states and the geopolitical position of the region in the world, Caucasus states' political, security, economic and cultural conditions are of importance for Iran.

He also stressed Iran's active role in establishing peace, stability, energy transfer, solving regional disputes and serious efforts for developing bilateral and regional cooperation.

Meanwhile, Mostafavi said Iran and Georgia which enjoy historical and cultural commonalities are playing major roles in maintaining stability in the region.

He also described taking advantage of academic relations and higher educational diplomacy as effective in promoting both countries' relations.

Referring to the fact that about 1,000 Iranian students are studying in Georgia, he underlined the importance of lifting scientific and academic problems and impediments.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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