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Iran, Germany conducting research projects

Researchers from the University of Stuttgart and their counterparts from Sharif University of Technology launched a three-year cooperation to develop the Iranian city of Varamin, Tehran province.

In a meeting with the caretaker governor of Varamin on Wednesday, head of the German research group hailed communications between the country's research groups and Sharif University of Technology, saying that the German government stresses exchange of information and experience between the two sides.

Dr. Altrup added that the research group has started studies on the management of sustainable development in the energy sector of Varamin.

Although the research group's activities are research-oriented, studies on the management of energy will lead to executive projects, he said.

Caretaker governor of Varamin Hossein Kaghazlou, for his part, said that the city's economy is based on agriculture, as it is known as green region in Tehran province.

One of the problems facing the city is shortage of water and not using modern technologies in agriculture and irrigation, he said.

Land subsidence in Varamin is one of the main challenges facing the region, he said, urging the research group to conduct studies in the field.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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