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Iran has nat’l action plan to protect Caspian Sea seals

Tehran, Iran is devising a national action plan, in cooperation with international marine organizations, to protect seals living in the Caspian Sea, according to the Deputy Head of the Department of Environment.

Speaking during a conference on working out the national action plan, Parvin Farshchi said that seals are indicative of the health of Caspian Sea, and therefore in the three Iranian littoral provinces, the fishermen are taught how to act when facing seals.

Noting that everyone is responsible for protecting Caspian Sea seals, she said that painting the picture of the seals on ships commuting across the Caspian Sea is a valuable move.

Meanwhile, Davood Mirshekar, another senior official with the Department of Environment, said that Caspian Sea seal is a unique animal species in the world which can be found only in the Caspian Sea.

They have social lifestyle and are mostly found in big groups, the official said.

He said that different types of pollutions have decreased 90% of the population of Caspian Sea seals in less than 30 years.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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