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Iran High Council of Human Rights condemns crackdown on French people

Tehran, Iran's High Council of Human Rights in a statement on Monday condemned repression of protestors called yellow vests by the French government, describing recent incidents in the country as regrettable.

The statement said French police hostile treatment of people who rose up to injustice and intolerable discriminations in Paris and other French cities is worrisome and dangerous.

French government which considers itself committed to human rights conventions should in the first stage bring to justice those killing ralliers and declare the results to the international circles.

It should also stop vast and unreasonable arrests at the earliest, the statement said, noting that French government should stand accountable to secular dictator, liberal capitalism and allow the people express themselves freely.

We expect the UN Human Rights Council to pave the way for appointment of special reporter for the developments unfolding in France, the statement said, noting that the UN secretary general is also expected to closely watch the incidents in the country and present reports for international community's awareness.

For weeks, socalled Yellow Vest protests have spread across France. Sparked by a proposed fuel price hike (which was quickly abandoned), the leaderless protests have revealed deep discontent: French people are fed up with the disconnect between themselves and the succession of governments and political parties.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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