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Iran: History won’t forgive killers, traitors

Iranian Foreign Ministry in a message referred to targeting Muhammad al-Durrah by Zionist forces 20 years ago while he was taking shelter alongside his father, saying history won't forgive killers and traitors.

"20yrs ago, Muhammad al-Durrah was ruthlessly targeted while taking shelter alongside his father, showing to the world that cruelty of the occupiers knows no limits," Foreign Ministry wrote in its Twitter account on Wednesday.

"2 decades later, some regimes in our region shake hands w/ his murderers. History won't forgive killers & traitors," it added.

Earlier, The Islamic Revolution's Committee for Supporting Palestinian People of Iran's president’s office voiced support for the Palestinian people's efforts in line with their causes and demanded freedom of the Holy Quds and destruction of the child-killing regime of Israel.

In a statement issued on the occasion of the anniversary of the second Intifada, the Committee said this is the 20th anniversary of the second Intifada that took place in 2000 and took form due to the failure of shameful peace talks in Camp David, postponing the announcement of Palestine independent country, and the Butcher Ariel Sharon’s presence in the Holy Mosque that hurt the Muslims' feelings.

Several people were murdered by the Zionists, including the 12-year old Muhammad al-Durrah who was seeking refuge behind his father who was crying out for mercy on his teenage son, but the Israeli invaders opened fire on them murdered them both with no clear reason – an incident which will be eternally recorded in the memory of history.

Though the killing of Muhammad al-Durrah was the first heart-breaking story that hurt the world’s feelings, Palestine is suffering from such innumerable tragedies. Children are dying under the bombardments of the Zionists' helicopters, aircraft, and artillery.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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