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Iran improves sewage treatment with membrane process

Tehran, Through nanotechnology, the researchers of Iran University of Science and Technology succeeded to optimize sewage treatment with membrane process.

Membrane process is one of the most effective and cheapest processes of water and sewage treatment.

'In order to improve the process, one hydrophilic and one hydrophobic particle were used, and the results were compared,' said researcher Doctor Tooraj Mohammadi.

The research showed that the porous particle ZIF-8, which is hydrophobic can remove rhodamine B (RHB) and Methylene Blue up to %90.6 and %79.4.

The research, conducted by Doctor Mohammadi, Mojgan Isanejad, Hameed-Reza Mahdavi and Mehran Arzani, was published in Journal of Environmental Management.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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