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Iran, India should not let third countries harm friendly ties, parliament speaker says


Tehran Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said on Monday that Iran and India have close and deep cultural ties in the ancient Asian continent, and hence they sould not allow any third country to negatively influence their relations.

The Iranian parliament speaker made the remarks in a meeting with Indian ambassador to Iran Gaddam Dharmendra, adding that Iran and India are the two most effective countries in the ancient Asian continent which have old and deep cultural ties.

He noted that the collaboration between the two countries at the regional, international, and non-aligned levels has been effective.

Qalibaf went on to say that “we should not allow any third party to influence the profound and historical relations of Iran and India”.

He further noted that trade relations between Iran and India have a cultural and historical background.

Qalibaf stressed that “hard days will pass and we must pay attention to these days as a good reminder and memory in the field of political, regional, and economic issues between Iran and India”.

Pointing to the 70th anniversary of Iran-India Friendship and Peace Agreement, Indian ambassador to Iran Gaddam Dharmendra said that “we had various plans for this issue, and the Indian Parliament speaker was scheduled to visit Iran but because of coronavirus outbreak the meeting was deferred”.

Referring to the parliamentary exchanges between Iran and India, he said that “we still want to have continuous interaction with Iran, of course, various committees in two countries are in contact with each other in this situation and we hope to receive guidance and assistance”.

At the end of the meeting, Qalibaf invited Indian parliament speaker to Iran and Dharmendra while thanking the invitation of the Iranian Parliament Speaker, he expressed hope that this meeting would take place as soon as the predicaments of the coronavirus outbreak are resolved.


Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA


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