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Iran, India want allout relationship: Iranian minister

Tehran, Iranian Health Minister at the end of his visit to India, cited the country as one of the major powers in medicine, raw materials and vaccines and said both countries welcome the promotion of extensive relations.

'Indian officials are interested in promoting highlevel relations with India,' Seyyed Hassan Hashemi said Saturday morning at the end of his threeday visit to attend the International Mother and Child Health Summit in New Delhi.

'India has made a lot of progress', he said. 'Many of the European and American markets are available to the Indian companies of medicine and vaccines production, unfortunately our traditional outlook is to European and American companies which has to be changed.'

The 'World Healthcare Forum, the Child and Nutrition in India', was attended by a large number of world health ministers. A team from Iran's Ministry of Health with a number of lectures on various sectors of the summit was present at the forum, the Ministry of Health said.

Hashemi stressed that Indian officials are interested in promoting comprehensive relations with Iran which is a very good opportunity to exploit talents and this is less costly and more effective for the country and the people, and certainly Iran and the region make a very good market for India.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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