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Iran, Iraq discuss regional developments

Baghdad, Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Iraqj Masjedi and Head of Hashd alSha'abi organization (Popular Mobilization Forces) Falah alFayyad discussed bilateral relations and regional developments.

Masjedi expressed his gratitude to the wise statements by the Iraqi president at the recent Arab League summit in Mecca, and welcomed the country to reach its respectable position among Arab countries and the Islamic world.

"The support of some Arab countries for Iraq's position at the summit highlighted that many Arab countries were dissatisfied with the positions expressed in the final statement of the Summit, but initially refused to publicly protest their objections," he added.

The ambassador said that the experience of this summit showed that if a country raises its positions firmly, the necessary support will be provided by other Arab countries.

The Iranian official also welcomed the significant improvement in Iraqi security conditions in recent months, and praised the management of alFayyad and his associates in security institutions in creating a new space.

In the course of the meeting, the two sides discussed developments in the region and bilateral cooperation between Iran and Iraq.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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