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Iran, Iraq sign agreement on commercial ties

Baghdad, Iran and Iraq have signed an agreement on developing commercial cooperation aiming to facilitate and remove trade barriers between two countries.

Speaking to IRNA, Iranian commercial attache to Iraq Naser Behzad said that the agreement was signed during the visit made by head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran and the fellow delegation to Iraq.

Based on the agreement grounds will be paved for establishing joint industrial town, restoring new methods for verifying Iranian products standards, focusing on the quality of the exports goods, launching offices for Exports Guarantee Fund of Iran and providing guarantee for exports for Iraq, he added.

Facilitating visa issuance for businessmen, holding training courses, increasing Iranian exhibitions, paving the way for private sector companies' participation and removing nontariff barriers on exporting Iranian products to Iraq were among other topics mentioned in the agreement.

Behzad noted that IranIraq joint trade committee was held for the first time aiming to design strategies for developing cooperation in Iraq.

The committee discussed eight important topics in IranIraq trade including commercial, banking, standard, customs, industrial, investment, technical and engineering services, transportation, transit and the ways for developing private sector's interactions.

An Iranian delegation consisting of head of Exports Guarantee Fund of Iran, managing director of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO) and some other Iranian officials traveled to Iraq this week.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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