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Iran, Iraq sign industrial MoU

Tehran,� Iranian Minister of Defense Brigadier-General Amir Hatami and the Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shia al-Sudani signed a memorandum of understanding on Wednesday.

Iran considers the reconstruction of Iraq as a duty. We don't see it just as economy; it's the culmination of fighting terrorism,' said General Hatami, adding that in the invasion of Iraq by terrorists Iraq's infrastructures were badly damaged.

'The agreement shows that the two countries have intention to expand ties, especially in industry,' said al-Sudani.

Saying that the ties between Iran and Iraq are good, he hoped that the agreement would leads to projects and plans in Iraq.

General Hatami arrived in Baghdad on Wednesday and had some meeting with the Iraqi authorities about bilateral collaborations in defense, security, and also regional issues.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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