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Iran, Japan agree to train Afghan customs staff

Tehran, The Islamic Republic of Iran and Japan signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation that will provide training for Afghan customs staff.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed for the training of Afghan customs staff with the presence of Iran's Customs Chief, Forood Asgari, Yukiharo Kobayashi, Head of Japan's Technical and International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Rasool Eslami the Directorate General of the West Asian Department of Iran's Foreign Ministry .

In the near future, the Islamic Republic of Iran is scheduled to present a training program for Afghan customs staff to co-operate with Japan.

The Customs Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran said in the ceremony that the Japanese customs are seriously pursuing trade facilitation issues, and that issues related to the manipulation and combating counterfeit goods have always been on the agenda of this customs.

Asgari added, 'The bilateral cooperation between Japan and Iran to train Afghan customs staff is a clear and successful example of the international cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran with friends and colleagues.'

At the ceremony, Head of Japan's Technical and International Cooperation Agency (JICA) assessed the sharing of information as 'important' and said, 'The Iranian customs authorities have great educational capacities in the field of customs matters, and 'I, on behalf of the Government of Japan, commends good customs cooperation of Iran with the government of Japan in the Afghan Customs Staff Training Project.'

According to IRNA, JICA is an independent international governmental organization in Japan that helps develop the government of Japan and developing countries as well.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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