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Iran joining CFT not self-imposed sanction: MP

Tehran, - The chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian parliament said that Iran's joining the international Convention against Financing Terrorism (CFT) is not equal to self-imposed sanction.

Hashmatullah Falahatpisheh on Wednesday, in response to the question why the opponents of Iran's joining the Convention call it a kind of self-imposed sanction, said, 'In addition to the opposition, the proponents of the bill also used the same sentence and I confirm that both sides talked sympathetically and our work on the National Security Commission was to take into account the concerns of the two sides,' .

If you look at the bill and see the terms, it has been mentioned on the first condition that every action, speech, and presentation of information, contrary to the constitution, are prohibited,' he continued.

The MP underlined, Some say that the CFT may not be subject to stipulation of condition by Iran, but 73 countries have made a condition and if we think that we can't make a condition, it is impossible and we the end of the second condition made an article that the problem is resolved.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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