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Iran lauds Tehran-Jakarta mutual ties

Tehran, External pressures will not affect relations between Iran and Indonesia, said director general of the Department of East Asia and Oceania of the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

Mahmoud Farazandeh made the remarks Sunday, addressing a ceremony held to mark the 73rd anniversary of the Independence of Indonesia.

'Our relations have been growing for the past 67 years despite the external pressures and influences that have somehow tried to hamper the progress we have made,' Farazandeh said.

'I am glad to see Indonesia active in some areas of the economic activities with the Islamic Republic of Iran and looking forward to further development and expansion of this cooperation along with the trade and other activities that are going on,' he added.

He offered congratulations over the Proclamation of the Independence of Indonesia, saying 'the independence of Indonesia has been a matter of interest to me since I have found the nature of foreign policy activities within Indonesia and outside the region as an independent country.'

'I have had the honor of witnessing of high-ranking officials and delegations between two countries at the highest level,' he reiterated.

He went on to say that 'Indonesia as a member of the UN Security Council is also a harbinger of good news to us.'

'I believe we have supported the Indonesia believing that they stand for peace and stability and they would act independently,' he said.

Elaborating on the level of relations between the two countries, Farazandeh said 'in the field of science and technology we have had a number of exchanges.'

'We do work together and I believe we can learn from each other as an international community member,' he added.

Meantime, the Iranian official referring to the 18th Asian Games underway in Jakarta and Palembang, said 'I should congratulate Indonesian for the successful opening of the Asian Games.'

'Iranian team is present there and so far we are receiving pleasant news of the excellent arrangements that they have made,' he said.

The diplomatic reception marking the anniversary of the Independence Day of Indonesia was held with the attendance of foreign ambassadors to Iran, managing directors of Iranian Foreign Ministry, Indonesian community and diaspora in Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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