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Iran looking for alternates to prison: Judiciary official

Tehran, A judiciary official said that Iran has reduced prison terms of the country's inmates in recent years, shifting towards alternate punishments.

Mohammad Bagher Olfat made the remarks in the Crime Prevention Strategies and Alternative Punishments and said, The Criminal Procedure has been revised recently. The new procedure pays special attention to the short-term and long-term consequences of sentences and tends towards other punishments.

Speaking about the renewal of Criminal Procedure, he reiterated, We encourage judges to hand down sentences other than imprisonment.

Iranian Judiciary's Deputy for Social Affairs and Crime Prevention added, The main goal of punishment is to organize the society. Imprisonment not only does not help reaching that goal, it also imposes many additional side effects.'

Although jails provide better hygiene, educational, and cultural services to prisoners, they still behave similarly in depriving people of their freedom,' he said.

Prisoners suffer from the negative consequences after serving their prison terms in the rest of their lives, including social isolation, unemployment, financial hardships, and joining the crime community.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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