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Iran Majlis says questions from president not to be referred to Judiciary

Tehran, Questions raised by Iranian MPs from President Hassan Rouhani about the current economic situation are not to be referred to the Judiciary as there has been no example of violating or disrespecting a law by the government, the Majlis (Parliament) speaker said on Wednesday.

Ali Larijani made the announcement while responding to a lawmaker about the possibility of referring the question to the Judiciary.

On August 28 (Tuesday), President Rouhani attended Majlis session to answer five questions raised by 82 out of 290 Iranian parliamentarians about his government's failure to control goods and currency smuggling, continuation of the banking sanctions, increased rate of unemployment, growing economic depression and increase in Forex rate.

The MPs were only convinced by President's answer to one of the questions which related to the continuation of banking sanctions while his answers to other four questions failed to win the lawmakers approval.

According to the law of amendment of Article 213 of the Parliament Rules of Procedure, a question from the president will be sent to the Judiciary, if majority of the representatives present in the session are not convinced with the response of the president to a question and the topic under question is proved to be a violation of law or disobedience of the law by the government.

'The issue is clear and is based on the Parliament Rules of Procedure,' Larijani said adding, 'The questions from the president will not be referred to the Judiciary because the lawmakers have not mentioned any case of violation or disobedience of law in their questions from President Rouhani.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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