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Iran major player in region: Macedonian official

Belgrade, President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia Branko Azeski said on Thursday that Iran is a major player in the region and has a remarkable share in regional economy with its rich 80-million market.

In a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Gholamhossein Shafei in Skopje on Thursday, he added that given friendship history of the two countries, Iran can be a suitable economic partner for Macedonia.

Economic Chamber of Macedonia is the most important commercial entity of the country which is engaged in activities in 19 fields, he said.

Describing the economy and politics of the country as stable, Azeski added that 70 percent of the Macedonian exports are shipped to European states.

Macedonia needs new markets in North Africa, Middle East and Persian Gulf and in order to entering these markets it requires assistance of regional countries, particularly Iran, he said.

Macedonian firms are interested in cooperating with Iran, he said, noting, We will do all within our power to help enhance bilateral economic relations.

Shafei, for his part, described Macedonia as the gateway for Iran to enter the Balkans and Europe, saying that Iranian companies can use it as base for exporting goods to the region.

He called for promotion of mutual cooperation, noting that Iran's Chamber of Commerce welcomes arrival of trade delegations.

He invited Azeski to visit Tehran at the head of a trade delegation.

Shafei also called on the two countries' chambers to help implement a memoranda of understanding signed earlier by the two countries.

The Iranian official also proposed holding day of Iran's economy in Macedonia and vice versa, which was welcomed by Azeski.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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