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Iran neutralizes sanctions by attracting European investment: Expert

A researcher from Charhar Institute in China said on Monday Iran seeks to attract European investment to neutralize US unilateral sanctions and has thus far been successful in doing so.

Wang Jin said Iran is an economically powerful country and although it is now facing difficulties, it will find ways to resolve them.

With regard to Washington's unilateral sanctions against Tehran, Jin said the US aims to isolate Iran and bring it to its knees, but Iran will establish more economic ties with Europe.

Iran 'needs to find new and creative ways of exporting oil and attracting foreign investments' from Europe, Russia and other Asian regions, he added.

He called on the international community to pave the way for dialogues as soon as possible and to find a solution acceptable to everyone.

US President Donald Trump announced in early May Washington would pull out of Iran nuclear deal, but the other signatories to the deal (i.e. Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia) have thus far criticized Washington's unilateral move and have repeatedly stressed their commitment to the deal and continuing trade with Iran.

Through economic terrorism and unilateral sanctions, Trump has been seeking to put pressure on the international community to wage a psychological war against Iran and to isolate it, but his efforts have proven fruitless.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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