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Iran never to ignore any chance to maximize defense power: statement

Tehran, Aug 21, - Iran's Ministry of Defense and Logistics of the Armed Forces issued a statement on Monday on the threshold of 'Defense Industry Day' underlining that the experts at the industry never ignore any chance to maximize their defense power.

The statement reads that Iran's defense status before triumph of the Islamic revolution was under control of the west led by the US and lacked independence and identity, but after fall of Pahlavi dynasty and coming to power of the Islamic revolution, it could blossom its capabilities through relying and taking advantage of its youth in defense industry and now has amazed all of its friends and enemies for its great achievements in the field.

This year the Defense Industry Day has coincided with the initiation of the 12th government and taking the office of the new defence minister inspiring the role and status of the ministry in increasing the country's security and deterrent power of the Islamic Revolution mainly in strengthening strategic weapons such as missiles and supporting the Islamic resistance movement which secures sustainable national security in approaching international and strategic policies, the statement read.

Tangible realities in the country's defense and security mainly after the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) followed by the US disloyalty and in response to the Iranian Majlis has ratified a bill to counter the US sanctions, read the statement, adding that all these developments put the country's defense on the agenda in making use of indigenized capabilities in meeting the country's defense and securities.

Forecasting and taking required measures in dealing with unfair US sanctions will emerge new horizon in the country's defense apparatus which will be manifested in military missions assigned to the Iranian army as well as IRGC, said out the statement.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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