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Iran not tied-up to deal with US pressures: Lebanese journalist

Beirut, Iran through foreign relations and its defense tools tries to resist the US pressures and sanctions, a Lebanese journalist at news daily Annahar said.

Iran is not manacled to stand against the US pressures, Samih Saab told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an interview.

Iranians will not hold talks under coercion, Saab said, adding US President Donald Trump wants to adopt an approach towards Iran similar to what he did towards North Korea, Saab said.

Tehran differs from Seoul, said Saab, adding China and Japan as regional players of South Korea's game are not after war and move towards peace, but instead, Saudi Arabia, Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 'our region' are after tension and want to use military option.

On Trump's decisions about the regional issues, Saab described the US president's policy on other countries as a 'cliff'.

So as the US increases tensions at the maximum level, then makes the other side come to negotiations.

The Lebanese journalist further said Trump's threats are not serious, adding the Americans are just frightening others to mount war but they are not actually able to do it.

He added that Trump and his administration know that any increase in military tension will cost the US a lot.

Iran cannot come to talks when a gun is placed on its head and is being threatened, Saab said.

The Lebanese journalist also talked of the regional questions, describing the current situation in the region as ambiguous and unclear.

About the Syria issue, he said Iran and Russia play important and powerful role in moves to settle the Syrian crisis.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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