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Iran not to let Zionist regime play with region: Parliament official

Tehran, Source: Kazakhstan 2050 Source: Kazakhstan 2050 Iran will not allow the Tel Aviv regime to play with the security of West Asia, said special aide to parliament speaker in the First International Hour Glass Festival.

'Iran and its allies that are considered the victors in the war against terrorism will not allow the Zionist regime to jeopardize the security of Iran and the region once more with the use of extremist terrorist groups,' said Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

Iran will not allow the Israel to take actions like assassinating the nuclear scientists, and using terrorist groups, and using the ominous Tel Aviv-Riyadh-Washington triangle.

He hoped that Iraq, Syria, and other West Asian countries will be in the path of stability, prosperity and welfare and the path of weakening and collapse of the Zionist regime.

'The International Hourglass Festival was formed with the aim of collecting and introducing anti- Zionism productions of justice supporters, monotheists and Muslims all over the world in order to disclose the beastly and anti-human rights measures of Zionist occupier regime and its supporters, particularly the US and damned Wahabism,' wrote the official website of the Festival.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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