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Iran not to surrender to US’ pressures: Foreign Policy

Tehran, It's highly improbable that US President Donald Trump will be able to make the other signatories of Iran Deal cooperate with the US and use pressure to make Iran accept their demands, wrote the Foreign Policy website.

'President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Iran nuclear deal and reinstate all US sanctions won't deliver punishing economic pressure capable of forcing Iran to submit to Washington's policy demands. Along with diplomatic furor and a blow to nuclear arms control, the move also comes with damning unintended economic consequences for the United States, wrote Foreign Policy (FP) in an article.

The article added, 'This scenario is unlikely. Not every foreign company, bank, or oil trader will be inclined to comply with US sanctions, particularly if their own governments are frustrated with the US re-imposition of sanctions. There is no multilateral interest now in targeting Iran with financial pressure and diplomatic isolation, unlike during the 2012 to 2015 period of most intensive global sanctions on Iran.'

'Even when foreign firms are inclined to comply, many will be confused about how to do so. '

Saying that Iran's biggest oil purchasers, China and India, may be less inclined to cooperate, the article added, 'They might even find opportunities to purchase additional barrels of oil from Iran, which has been pushing out more supplies in recent months. This could meaningfully diminish the effect of the sanctions.'

'More generally, these broad new Iran sanctions will encourage some countries to explore an array of alternative financial conduits to Iran, from barter to blockchain, to shield their banks and companies from US jurisdiction,' it said, adding that Russia and China are already pioneering alternative payment systems to stay outside of US banks and currency, and these measures will likely accelerate that work and international interest.

'European leaders are threatening to push back re-imposition of US sanctions, guaranteeing a path for their companies to sustain business with Iran. They are exploring a revival of blocking statutes that ban European companies from complying with US sanctions.'

Saying that the US allies are fed up with the United States bullying them and their companies, FP added, 'Another unintended consequence of the sanctions is that they give Russia and Saudi Arabia more clout as alternative oil suppliers to fill the gap left by Iran as customers wind down their contracts.'

'As a further unintended consequence, the new Iran sanctions introduce a major source of tension into the US-China relationship.'

What's more, these sanctions will weaken the power of sanctions as a tool in the US foreign policy.

Trump decided to pull the US out of an internationally accepted and respected agreement between Iran and the five permanent members of the UNSC plus Germany, which caused a outcry all over the world.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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