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Iran-Oman economic ties “stable”: Official

– The head of Iran-Oman Joint Chamber of Commerce said on Saturday that stability in diplomatic and political relations between Tehran and Muscat has resulted in stable economic trades.

Addressing a webinar, Mohsen Zarrabi said that the political relations between the two countries have been at the highest level over the past 40 years.

Zarrabi said, however, the level of economic relations between Iran and Oman are not satisfactory, the most important reasons of which are shortage of infrastructures and reduction of Iranian export to Oman.

He added that as Oman has good ties with other countries and enjoys a stable economy, its infrastructures are appropriate for economic relations and play the role of a base for Iran’s traders base for export.

Among opportunities Oman can provide for Iran are export of Iranian goods with zero tariff to 16 big countries and giving access to the markets of some African countries that are not in good terms with Iran.

Saying that services, education, industries, and mining are among fields in which Iran and Oman can enhance ties, Zarrabi added with good planning Iran can easily gain a 10% share in Oman’s export market.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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