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Iran, Oman to expand fishing industry cooperation

Tehran, Iran says there is a big capacity to develop fishing industry with the Persian Gulf nation of Oman.

'Today Iran is ready to jointly invest with Oman in fishery industries,' said Iran's Fisheries Organization head Nabiullah Khun Mirzai on Sunday, adding that Tehran can share its knowledge and expertise with the Omani companies.

He made the remarks during a meeting with Undersecretary for the Omani Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Hamed Said AlOufi in Tehran.

Iran produces 500,000 tons of coldstream and warmstream fish, 50,000 tons of farmed shrimp, 3,000 tons of harvested caviar fish flesh, five tons of harvested caviar, more than 15,000 farmed fish in cages, as well as 200 million ornamental fish per year, according to the official, who also serves as Deputy Iranian Agriculture Minister.

Hamed Said AlOufi noted that Muscat can import much of its dried fish and shrimp from Iran to replace the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Deputy Iranian Agriculture Minister noted that over 770,000 tons of fish and shrimp are caught through shore and offshore fishing, as well as 170,000 tons of fish from the Indian Ocean plus 330,000 tons of demersal fish each year in Iran.

Khun Mirazai requested the omani authorities to issue licenses for Iranian fishermen to carry out marine catch in the Omani waters as well as reduce some tariffs.

The Omani official said Tehran and Muscat will form joint ventures so that Oman can use big Iranian marine catch vessels in the Indian Ocean as well process the fish.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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