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Iran parliamentary delegation in Qatar to attend IPU meeting

Tehran, Iranian parliamentary delegation is in Qatar to participate in the 141st InterParliamentary Union (IPU) meeting.

Upon arrival, Iranian delegation was welcomed by Iran ambassador to Qatar Mohammad Ali Sobhani and a member of Qatar parliament foreign policy commission.

Head of Iran delegation Mohammad Javad Jamali said Iranian MPs had earlier held a meeting to discuss having more active and constructive participation in IPU expert committees like committee of peace and security, women and youths, UN and sustainable development committees.

He added that Iran Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani is also supposed to deliver speech in IPU general assembly.

The InterParliamentary Union is a global interparliamentary institution established in 1889 by Frederic Passy and William Randal Cremer. It was the first permanent forum for political multilateral negotiations.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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