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Iran participates in IslamTaoism talks in Beijing

Beijing, The second round of interreligious dialogue between Islam and Taoism was held on Wednesday in the Chinese capital city of Beijing with the attendance of representatives from Iran, China, and other countries.

All the religions, by essence, invite the human kind to cognize and interact with each other, said the President of Iran Majlis (Parliament) Islamic Studies Center Ahmad Moballeghi, addressing the event.

He called China an ancient country, tied with human civilization, adding that Islam has a positive view regarding China.

Head of the International Department of Taoist Association of China Zhao Xiaoyang, for his part, said China pursues solidarity between different nations.

According to Taoism thoughts, humanbeings are a single family and should unite, said Xiaoyang said.

He added that Iran's Centre for Interreligious Dialogue has prepared ground to facilitate interactions between Islam and Taoism.

He pointed to his visit to Iran three years ago and said that although Iran does not have Taoists, they warmly welcomed the Chinese delegation.

President of AlMustafa University branch in China Attaran Tousi was also present at the meeting and named ethnic diversity as a positive characteristic of China.

He stressed that similar to China, the relations between the people of different religions in Iran is positive.

Attaran also expressed hope that such interreligious dialogues would continue in the future.

Iran's caretaker cultural attache in China Adel Khani, another participant, said that both Iran and China are ancient civilizations and their relations have grown during the past few years.

The participants set the next meeting to be held in Tehran.

The first round of the dialogue was held on 2017 in Tehran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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