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Iran pillar of stability in Mideast: Russian official

Moscow, Ismail Shabanov, President of the Talysh Diaspora group, said Iran has foiled US plots to destabilize the Middle East region.

The US aims at gaining better position in the region by supporting terrorist groups, Shabanov said Friday in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

The US is unhappy with Iran's measures to confront terrorists, he said adding that US officials pretend to maintain security and stability in the Middle East and to defend regional countries.

He referred to the US approach in Iraq and Afghanistan which resulted in killing hundreds of people, and said, 'In fact US is trying to harm the regional countries.'

The sinister nature of US is also evident in Syria and no one believes Washington's peace seeking claims, Shabanov said.

Referring to the US threats against Iran, he also said these allegations aim to frighten Iran.

Designating Mike Pompeo as new secretary of state and John Bolton as national security adviser will likely make US rhetoric harsher, he added.

Both Pompeo and Bolton know that any adventurism against Iran will be a dangerous and deadly game, the Russian official said.

Pointing to the fact that Iran is a powerful country, he said any adventurism against Iran will unveil lack of military experience on the part of the aggressor.

Shabanov also referred to the good relations between Tehran and Moscow, saying Iran and Russian are maintaining their cooperation in fighting terrorism.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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