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Iran President calls for int’l fight against genocide

Tehran, Sep 6, Iranian President on Wednesday called for fighting genocide in the world in particular Myanmar and Palestine.

'Resorting to genocide in the world today is not acceptable,' the President said in a cabinet meeting.

He referred to genocide of people in Palestine and Myanmar, and said, 'Fighting genocide needs decisive and united action.'

Zionist regime is as an apartheid regime which commits ethnic cleansing in Palestine, President Rouhani added.

The President condemned murder of Muslims in Myanmar, and urged the country's government to stop brutal crimes against Muslims.

He also called for the United Nations' action and encouraged the neighboring countries and Muslim states to help Myanmar refugees in both political and humanistic aspect.

Iran Red Crescent Society is ready to help the displaced people of Myanmar, the President noted.

According to the UN officials, some 87,000 Arakan Muslims in Myanmar have fled the country and sought shelter in Bangladesh.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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