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Iran prominent presence in Defense Industry Exhibition of Baghdad

Baghdad, The 8th round of Iraq's International Exhibition of Military, Security and Defense was opened Saturday in Baghdad with the participation of the leading military, defense and communications industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The 8th round of International Exhibition of Military and Security and Defense Industries of Iraq has begun with the motto of 'We won with unity, and with unity, we have determination of construction.'

102 foreign and Arab companies from 20 countries plus 20 indigenous Iraqi companies participated in the exhibition.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Islamic Republic of Iran has participated in 5 sections of the defense industry, electronics, marine, aviation and battery industry this year.

The military attache of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad during the visit of the exhibition noted, Despite the failed efforts of the United States to restrict our country, the prominent Iranian presence at the exhibition in various sectors of the military, defense and communications industries shows that this effort has been ineffective.

Brigadier General Mustafa Moradian added that the Islamic Republic of Iran today at the Baghdad International Exhibition, in spite of the participation of foreign countries and companies, in the best place of the exhibition, has an appropriate pavilion and exposed its capabilities in five important sections.

According to him, Iran has exhibited both defense and non-defense related to country's Ministries of Interior and Defense has showcased its industries in heavy and semi-heavy machinery.

Moradian added that in the military industry section, a variety of combat and surveillance UAVs, a variety of day and night vision cameras have been exhibited and in naval section in three sectors of heavy, semi-heavy, and light-duty industries has exposed its capabilities.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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