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Iran ranks 16th in medical sciences production

Tehran, Deputy Minister of Health Reza Malekzadeh said that all countries are scientifically ranked worldwide. Iran has ranked 16th in the field of medical sciences production in 2018.

Malekzadeh, at the joint meeting of the Minister of Health and the National Institute for the Development of Medical Researches, said, Over the past five years, more than 480,000 Iranian articles have been downloaded by 118 countries, during which Iranian articles have been cited more than 74,000 times by other countries. We have also ranked 16th in the world in citation and clinical medicine field, while last year we ranked 20th in the field of clinical medicine.

In the field of pharmacy science globally we have ranked 7th and have published articles more than countries like France. Currently, in the field of drug production, we are in a favorable situation and we do not need to import, and we should say that our pharmacists worked very well, the official noted.

He went on to say, We hope to increase our scientific output internationally. Our goal is not to limit our research at the level of an article, but also play an effective role in promoting health and lead to an increase in the level of public health.

Malekzadeh said that about 32% of Iranian research projects are to be commercialized. Also, attempts have been made to support innovative projects.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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