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Iran ready for all nuclear deal scenarios: Deputy FM

Tehran� Iran is prepared for all possible scenarios regarding the nuclear agreement, said the deputy foreign minister of Iran in the Second Tehran Security Conference on Monday.

'In case the JCPOA [in full: Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] is cancelled, the region will suffer the most,' said Abbas Araqchi at the panel on security in West Asia.

Araqchi said that the JCPOA was a successful experience adding that it is, de facto, the only experience of peaceful solving of a 10-year crisis in the contemporary time through negotiations.

The biggest lesson of the JCPOA is that 'we should still have hope in diplomatic solutions for big problems,' said Araqchi. 'Issues like Daesh and countering the occupiers cannot be solved through negotiation.'

Araqchi also said that the JCPOA should be a pattern for win-win talks; the US should be committed to it because killing the deal will not create a better region for the people.

'The US tried to destroy the JCPOA in the past year and may destroy it in the coming days; the world should be ready for that.'

'If the Europeans are interested in keeping the JCPOA, they should take some special steps to encourage the European companies and banks to cooperate with Iran,' Araqchi added.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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