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Iran ready to deal with threats: Senior military official

Qom, Iran is prepared to give a crushing response to any kind of aggression, a senior military officials of the country said on Friday.

Deputy Commander of Iranian Army for coordination Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said that all the armed forces in the country are highly prepared to defend the revolution, freedom, independence and the Islamic Republic against any kind of threat.

'Iran has reached self-sufficiency in maintenance and upgrading its defensive equipment and it will not ask permission for manufacturing what is needed for defense,' he said.

Emphasizing implementation of localized defense techniques based on the experience of the eight-year war with former Iraqi regime, he said, 'Iran has increased its capabilities in giving a quick response to any kind of threat.'

Referring to the 'deterrent' nature of Iran's Army capabilities, he said that deterrence is the goal of armed forces so that no one dares to glare at Iran.

The general, who was addressing a large crowd of worshipers on Friday, said that the global arrogance seeks to overrule Iran and its resources, but now the country does not need any body's help for defending itself.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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