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Iran ready to promote ties with China in all fields/ Iran welcomes China’s investment, participation in projects

President referred to the longstanding, strategic relations between Iran and China, and said, TehranBeijing cooperation is not limited to any single field, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop relations with China in all fields of mutual interest.

Speaking on Monday in a meeting with the new Ambassador of China to Tehran while receiving his letter of credence, President Hassan Rouhani said, The two countries have close points of view on regional and international relations.

He also stressed that preserving independence is very important for both countries, saying, Unilateralism is what both countries are opposed to, and it is an incorrect, dangerous path for the region and the international community.

Referring to the high volume of investment and cooperation between Iran and China in different fields, especially energy, transportation, railways and industrial parks, saying, In the current conditions, facilitating the implementation of agreements between the two countries is very important.

Dr Rouhani also described the Belt and Road Initiative as very important and said, We welcome China's more cooperation and investment in our southern ports and transportation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran favours JCPOA's survival, he said, adding, China's role in this regard is very important and Beijing can contribute enormously to the parties' commitment to it.

Iran and China can cooperate with each other to fully eradicate terrorism in the region and Asia, said the President.

At the same meeting, the new Ambassador of China to Tehran Chang Hua presented his letter of credence to Dr Rouhani and said, China is seeking ways to develop its strategic relations with Iran.

China's policy is to further develop relations between the two countries in cultural, commercial, energy and transportation fields, he said.

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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