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Iran ready to talk with Persian Gulf states: Envoy

Doha, Iran is prepared to hold talks with Persian Gulf littoral states, an Iranian ambassador said, stressing that Tehran believes the only way for resolving regional issues is dialogue.

'Holding talks seems necessary for preventing new issues,' said Ali-Reza Enayati, Iran's ambassador to Kuwait.

Speaking to the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas, the diplomat said the message of the country's Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in 2016 on mediation between Iran and (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council will bear fruits sooner or later.

Referring to the upcoming Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), Enayati expressed the hope that the Emir accepted Iran's invitation and will take part in the talks.

The next round of ACD will be held on October 13-15 in Tehran with participation of the heads of member-states.

Iran still sees the door of talks open, he said responding to a question on the impact of the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal on possible talks between Tehran and Persian Gulf states.

The only solution to all problems is win-win talks, he said with a reference to regional challenges, adding that any future talks between Iran and Persian Gulf littoral states will be on regional issues and no outsider is able or allowed to affect it.

Commenting on Iran's military presence in Syria and Iraq, the ambassador said, the presence has been upon the official requests by the countries' governments.

'We don't make decisions on behalf of people in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen,' he said adding that Iran has always supported political process in Lebanon, and has called on all warring sides in Yemen to take part in peace talks.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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