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Iran rebukes Arab Parliament speaker for propaganda campaign

– The head of Iran’s Interest Section in Cairo rebuked speaker of the Arab Parliament Adel Al-Asoomi for his propaganda campaign against Iran.

On Monday, Egypt’s Al-Akhbar newspaper published an interview with Al-Asoomi, in which he made a few unfounded accusations against Iran.

Head of the Interest section in Egypy, Naser Kanaani, has responded the accusation in an article, a copy of which was sent to IRNA.

Kanaani wrote that the interview consisted of 16 questions, seven of which concerned Iran and were engineered in a way to draw anti-Iranian answers from the interviewee. And in three other questions that did not concern Iran,

Kanaani said that Al-Asoomi preferred to target Iran with unfounded accusations.

Kanaani also expressed surprise that Al-Assomi gave a very short answer to a question that concerned Palestine.

Congratulating Al-Asoomi’s election to chair the important Arab institution, Kanaani expressed readiness to have dialogue with him to help the joint Islamic and Iranian-Arab causes.

He said that as a reader, I expected to see a more comprehensive and transnational approach about issues of the Arab World in his first interview, but unfortunately that was not what happened.

Iranian diplomat Kanaani provided a response to the Egyptian newspaper.

Firstly, the Arab World is not a geography separate from the region and the world. It is clear that there are several issues between Iran and the Arab states, some of which enjoy commonalities and cooperation, and some others have differences. These issues are quite natural in the Middle East region with geopolitical complications, as Arab countries have differences and disputes in some issues. In such a situation, constructive dialog are of great importance.

Secondly, questions engineered to draw anti-Iranian answers will not help the readers to have a correct understanding of the regional situation and Iran-Arab relations. These criticisms may exist in the minds of Iranians about Arab governments and states as well.

Thirdly, restricting the challenges and problems of the Arab world to Iranian interference is naivety and it will have few listeners. The Arab world is a huge part of Iranian geography, history, religion, and society. Iran considers any disruption in the Arab world as instability in its own vital immediate environment.

Can repeating accusations against Iran hide the real problems of the Arab world, a big part of which is due to domestic developments of the Arab states and the other part is thanks to interference of extra-regional powers and establishment of the Zionist regime.

Kanaani wondered why is that the interviewer asked no questions about the Zionist regime and its vast illegal security and military interference in the Arab world.

He then gave some points about the strange remarks made by the Arab Parliament speaker.

While Iran has close relations with some Arab states and nations, such accusations seem more like the stances of his respective country – Bahrain.

His accusations against Iran and disparaging some Arab states by calling them Iranian colonies will not help the present complex conditions of the region.

By calling Iran the enemy of the Arab states, al-Asoomi looks as if he is drawing a war plan between Iran and Arabs. This is while Iran and the Arabs have been and will be neighbors and have undeniable commonalities and strong links which are centuries long.

Advising al-Asoomi to be fairer and more honest, Kanaani wrote several member states of the Arab Parliament will undoubtedly consider these remarks as personal opinion.

He added, "Our common enemies are creating these rifts, we had better speak constructively and not help the real and known enemy."

Iran has always shown its good faith by proposing initiatives for dialog and constructive cooperation, as well as for providing collective security for the region with partnership of all the regional governments.

Are there any partners for such constructive dialogue that provide joint interests for the real owners of the region and disappoint the domineering enemies of it? he asked.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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