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Iran rejects news on French diplomats trips limitations

Tehran, The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has rejected news on limitation on French diplomats' trips to Tehran.

There are some enemies and ill-wishers who are against the relations between Iran and Europe and especially with France, Bahram Qasemi said, adding that the issue should be taken into account.

Rejecting the news released by a foreign new agency regarding restrictions on French diplomats' unnecessary trips to Iran, he said that Iran has not receive any valid news from the French government in this regard.

Basically there is no need for adopting such decisions, he said.

Sometimes ill-wishers attempt to adversely affect ties between Iran and Europe by waging a psychological warfare, Qasemi said.

He went on to say that diplomatic trips are under the control of governments which means that they can permit their diplomats to do or not to do a mission.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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