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Iran rejects ‘political’ suspension of Mahan Air in Germany

Tehran, Iran's Civil Aviation Organization has denounced Germany's move to suspend Tehran-based Iranian Mahan Air's flights to the European country as 'political and unjustifiable'.

'The Civil Aviation Organization considers the German government's decision to suspend Mahan Air's operating license to that country unjustifiable and not professional,' read a statement released by the highest aviation regulatory entity on Wednesday.

'The organization believes this decision is a result of political pressures and issues unrelated to aviation and the Mahan company,' added the statement.

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Christofer Burger, announced on Monday a ban on Mahan Air planes to land in the European country's airports, citing 'security concerns'.

The Iranian aviation body has denied any 'security or safety concerns regarding Mahan's flights' saying there's been no report neither in Iran nor in European or German aviation entities about the airline.

'Mahan has had all the necessary licenses,' it stressed.

'The suspension is in line with the economic war that's been waged against the Iranian nation', it added.

'Iran's civil aviation has always been exposed to limitations caused by the animosity of ill-wishers and its foreign rivals,' it said.

Mahan, Iran's second-largest carrier after Iran Air, used to fly four services a week between Tehran and the German cities of Duesseldorf and Munich.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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