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Iran releases political dialogue charter

Tehran, The full text of political dialogue charter, introduced by the country's Interior Minister, was unveiled on Wednesday.

The text was handed to Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) during a visit by Esamil Jabbarzadeh, Deputy Interior Minister for political affairs, to the news agency.

It states that democracy in the system of Islamic Republic of Iran requires that managerial mechanisms are organized in a way that a maximum of cooperation by the state and people in running the country becomes possible.

Referring to the charter of citizen rights unveiled by Iran's president, the document said that it is an indication that the Iranian government is determined to recognize plurality and diversity in political thought, practice, and to use all national capacities for development as well as providing a super model of religious democracy.

The charter also stipulates that given the significant developments in today's Iran, at the end of the fourth decade since Islamic Revolution, and the increasing need for dialogue, particularly among political groups on one hand, and between government and the people on the other, some measures should be taken, including laying grounds for enhancement of productive talks in order to facilitate understanding, sympathy and cooperation.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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