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Iran, Russia to boost nuclear cooperation

Moscow, Iran's envoy to Moscow and a senior official with the Russian state nuclear corporation on Friday emphasized boosting cooperation within the framework of the nuclear deal.

The Iranian Ambassador Mehdi Sanaei and the Russian Rosatom's Deputy Director General for International Affairs Nikolay Spassky discussed important issues, including peaceful nuclear cooperation.

The latest status of bilateral cooperation on construction of two nuclear power plants in Bushehr and cooperation in Fordo nuclear site were also discussed in the meeting.

The Russian official emphasized Rosatom's will for meeting the deadline of the joint projects, and expressed condolences over the recent terrorist attack in Ahvaz.

The Russian atomic company cooperated with Iran in construction of the first unit of Bushehr nuclear power plant, and is working with Iran on the second and third units of the power plant.

Russia has also cooperated with Iran in restructuring the nuclear facility of Fordo.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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