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Iran, Russia, Turkey agree on special committee for secure regions in Syria

The three countries authorized 'Special Committee' to determine technical indexes for four decreased tension regions in Syria.

Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov announced final document of Astana meeting on Wednesday, which it pointed to this agreement as well.

Joint statement of the three sponsor countries for Astana Talks indicated noticeable progresses in this round of talks, Russian media wrote.

Special envoy of Russian president in Syrian affairs Alexander Lavrentiev at the end of Astana Syria Talks meeting told reporters that Russian military police equipped by light weapons will be stationed in the decreased tension regions.

He added that the group are not from Russia military units, but they are police force by special responsibility for non-war duties.

Lavrentiev said that representatives of Syrian armed opposition in Astana Talks also agreed with creation of decreased tension regions.

After several round of bilateral and multilateral expert meetings between Iran, Russia, Turkey and Syrian delegation as well as observer members of the conference, Astana Talks held its meeting on Wednesday afternoon in capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.

According to the session agreement, the next expert meeting will be held on August 1-2 and the sixth round of talks at the last week of August 2017 in Astana.

The main subject of the talks would be to determine borders of the four decreased tension or secure zones.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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