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Iran says spying services playing role in economic turmoil

Tehran, Enemies' intelligence services have played a role in the current economic turmoil in the country, Iranian parliament speaker said on Monday.

According to the intelliegnce estimates, enemy intelligence services are seeking to sabotage the Iranian economy, therefore, regulating the Foreign Exchange Market is a major issue, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani added.

Referring to Iran's talks with the European countries following the US pull-out from the nuclear deal, he said he could not predict the results.

The speaker called for turning the threat of the US sanctions to opportunity and increase the exports.

The US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that Washington would pull out of Iran's nuclear deal and re-impose nuclear sanctions on the country.

This is while most world powers, including Russia, China, and the European Union have repeatedly stressed that keeping the deal is in the interest of the world peace and security.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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