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Iran, Serbia emphasize enhancing media ties

Tehran, Aug 28, Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Mohammad Khoddadi and Serbia's new ambassador to Iran Dragan Todorovic in a meeting stressed on developing media cooperation between Iran and Serbia to have access to valid news.

Khoddadi urged Serbian envoy to prepare the ground for chief of Serbia News Agency 'TANJUG' Branka A�ukic to have a trip to Iran.

He also hailed media delegations exchange between two countries.

Commenting on a question as regard to social networks in Iran, Khoddadi said media context is developing nowadays and cell phones are now playing pivotal role in releasing news.

He pointed to the freedom of social networks in Iran, saying various networks like Telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp and Viber are famous in the country.

Meanwhile, Todorovic expressed hope for further cooperation between Iranian and Serbian media.

Serbian delegation also had a tour to IRNA newsroom to get familiar with news releasing process.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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