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Iran sets the stage for Biden administration’s return to nuclear deal

President Rouhani of Iran has welcomed essentially the election of Joe Biden and opened the door to the US returning to the JCPOA nuclear agreement.

And of course, this on the surface is basically good news. The tension and violence and rhetorical insanity that's been going on since Trump was elected regarding the US-Iran policy is probably going to go back down. It's been boiling over for the entire Trump term.

And it seems likely that the Biden administration will be able to calm the tensions and most likely renew the JCPOA, and the credit for that really goes more to Iran than anyone else because Iran played a very good game against Trump by being willing to not jump too far out of the deal, and maintaining essentially the deal with the Europeans even though the US had left and generated enough goodwill around the world, that the United Nations actually repudiated Trump and slapped his face.

So that has set the stage for the Biden administration returning to the deal.

This actually offers us a good kind of symbolic snapshot of what was wrong with the Trump administration. Trump was elected promising to make America Great Again, and to return the United States to a path of pursuing its sovereignty and pursuing its own interests, rather than being hamstrung by other countries but even though that was what Trump was saying what he actually did when he took office was surrender to Israel and Saudi Arabia and let them run US-Mideast policy.

And the first thing that he did was essentially follow Netanyahu's orders by tearing up the JCPOA. And then he even went further and endorsed permanent Israeli occupation of occupied territories and the so-called capital of Israel in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds.

So, Trump was a bigger liar than even the American mainstream media ever told us because essentially he was elected to focus on American interests but once elected, he became the most abject tool of the most extreme wing of Israeli power, and the Kosher Nostra or Israeli mob of any American president which is really saying something.

So that's why Trump lost. He didn't really do what he had promised. Had Trump actually pursued American sovereignty in all respects, including going against Netanyahu, going against the liberal Zionist consortium that rules international and especially Western finance, the Federal Reserve and insisted on following the constitution and having the Treasury Department actually print American money, rather than allowing private Zionist most of the world's money supply by lending it into existence at compound interest, out of thin air, Trump could have succeeded beyond his wildest megalomaniacal expectations. Instead, he failed. In a spectacular failure beyond what he probably dreamed of as the worst-case scenario.

Maybe this will be a lesson to Biden, and he will take courage from the fact that the vast majority of American Jews no longer identifies with the Israelis, especially the way they used to. Seventy-seven percent of them voted against Trump in this election where 77 percent of Israelis supported him.

So maybe the new administration will turn US policy away from Israeli control and that would mean a more balanced relationship with other countries, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kevin Barrett is an American author, journalist and radio host with a Ph.D. in Islamic and Arabic Studies. He has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003. He recorded this article for Press TV website.

Source: Press TV

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