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Iran slams US interference, unilateral policies against Venezuela

Tehran, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized US unilateral policies and interventions in Venezuela's developments.

'We have the developments in Venezuela under scrutiny,' Bahram Qasemi said Monday at a news conference about the latest developments in Venezuela and the US involvement in the country. Recently, Venezuela's deputy foreign minister was in Tehran and gave a comprehensive report on the latest developments for the Iranian authorities.

Qasemi underlined that unilateralism and inappropriate interference of the US should not be allowed to succeed, saying The Venezuelan government, the nation and the army of this country have had so much endurance. We are in contact with the Venezuelan government and also with other countries that can play an effective role in the current situation.

He went on to say that an Iranian political delegation from Tehran is traveling to Moscow, highlighting, 'In the coming hours, Foreign Ministry's Director General on America's Affairs will travel to Moscow and the specific agenda for this delegation will be Venezuela. We will consult with the Russians on this matter and we will be in contact with other countries.

The spokesman stated, 'The US action must be condemned by the international community, and the US ruling bodies and John Bolton have no right to speak of this intervention as a legitimate interference, and intervene in something that is not related to them and is related to a state with legitimate sovereignty and independent.

In another part of his news conference, Qasemi said about Zionist Regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's trip to Moscow and the verbal attacks between Iran and Israel, and whether such trips would not lead Russia to move away from Tehran, adding, 'In the past, there have been such travels. Russia is an independent country and has the intelligence and wisdom necessary for its own national interests. In addition, Russia is not a country that wants to follow the irrelevant orders of the occupying regime of Quds, and Tehran and Moscow relations are also so strong that these trips and rhetoric do not affect it.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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