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Iran, South Korea review prospect of bilateral ties

Beijing, Iranian and South Korean officials in a meeting on Saturday examined the capacities of Iran's market after US May exit from the July 2015 nuclear deal and reviewed the future of bilateral relations.

Iran's Ambassador to Seoul Mohammad-Hassan Taherian, who was present in the meeting, described Iran-South Korea cooperation as historical and friendly.

Referring to long-term presence of South Korean companies in Iran's market, Taherian said that the two countries have witnessed remarkable growth in their trade exchange in the past months which came after endeavors made by the Korean medium and small companies.

He advised the South Korean companies to continue their presence in Iran's market because other countries including China, India, Russia and Turkey are competing with each other for entering the Iranian markets, so if the South Koran companies leave the country, their return will not be easy.

Several Japanese officials, who were also present in the meeting, described US withdrawal from the Iran Deal as a unilateral violation of the international agreement.

Referring to Iran's market as a place where is so attractive to work, the Japanese said they are against anti-Iran sanctions [as the bans restrict their presence in Iran].

Today's meeting in South Korea was aimed at promoting transparency in cooperation between the Iranian and the host country's companies and reviewing ways to continuation of Korean presence in Iran's market.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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